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Is it just me but I can't print anything today??? images are all pixelated too small and sideways and absoulutely NO SUPPORT.

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I can print either. sending to print but just pending SOFTWARE IS A JOKE

The support system is pathetic serial number, were it was purchased and even a photo of the ink whats this all about ???

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Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that you all are having issues. These sound like they may be something with communication if it is just falling into pending status. Have you input support tickets? I would be happy to pull them and have a look.

I can not find any button that will allow me to change the size of any image. i have downloaded new images and can not resize them. Why is sawgrass not listening or helping us??

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I was given a ticket number yesterday. got no reply. today i checked my ticket and it said there were none pending !!

got a new ticket # today . still waiting.

Brett... Do you work in support ??

Yes, I do. What ticket numbers were you given? I'd like to look into what happened there and then dig into your issues any way we need to. 

Brett #84575

Susan, I was able to find your ticket and will be in contact there to get this fixed up. 

Brett ... thank you . it's actualy Leo ! anyway !! can't chang image size. why ??

Sorry Leo. What do you mean? The image won't resize with the squares on the corners?

Geo64cutherbertson - I see that Adam was able to help you out this morning, Please let us know if you continue to see issues. 

Brett... I made some progress today. got somethings to print on to A4 paper but my mug size paper will not print.

most of my images brought over are small and pixelated. 

Makes a big difference to see you taking an interest in helping.

Brett... the corner will drag but not the sides. so i can not make it fit . 

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