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I cannot Print from the the New Studio

I cannot Print from the the New Studio.  I have tried everything The studio shows my printer and that it is ready.  I push print and it tells me it has successfully been queued but then nothing happens. I did all the steps on all their website for trouble shooting and still not able to print  Can anyone help me???? I have already missed deadlines and missing more . I am so frustrated

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Kimmiemaedesigns The first thing I would check is that you have the exact same credentials for both Creative Studio and Sawgrass Print Manager. Try the following steps and let me know if that helps at all.

Log out of Sawgrass Print Manager from the Print Manager window

Log out of Creative Studio

Clear your cookies a cache

Log back into Sawgrass Print Manager and Creative Studio using the exact same credentials.

Try using a different web browser

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I have updated the VPM repeatedly and I am still getting the message that I haven't.  It is on my desktop, but Creative Studio says it is not.  I have only used my printer a few times and I loved it with the older versions, but I am now feeling like getting what I thought was a top-of-the-line product was a waste of money.  Please help!

I've worked for tech companies - Amazon, Auto Trader, etc. and there is no way we would have these major customer issues and not be working around the clock! I honestly thought to myself, If I owned Sawgrass, someone would lose their job because to switch platforms is one thing, but the execution was horrible. To leave your customers out to dry when they too are likely small business owners trying to stay afloat in this economy is just wrong. The other night it was 4am and I was still trying to get PM  to work - I thought to myself, they're all home sound asleep and I'm here stuck with this bad product. I think there's a reason some of my vendors push Corel Draw and other programs and just bypass PM all together. Other platforms say there's little to no difference in the print quality and final output? I just hope they resolve these issues as soon as possible - it's extremely frustrating and very unprofessional. It takes years to build a brand and days to destroy it. I know no company is able to maintain 100% productivity during these unprecedented times, but they can certainly do better than what they're doing. I do feel unvalued and irrelevant. 

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Regina Wallis  I have created ticket 104440 for  you. Please check your email. 

Thank you for reaching out. Please understand that the original Creative Studio program has been around for six years and is no longer supported for development, we had to move away to the new platform to support growth like Go Expression and Go Exchange. We are not able to keep both versions running. We are working diligently to get more templates and images moved over to the new creative studio as soon as possible. We understand your frustration and appreciate constructive criticism from our customers. While we are in the process of making creative studio more user friendly please let us know what specific templates you need by filling out our request template form here:

omg thought this was just me having this trouble printing i cant get any of my orders out and customers are getting really frustrated as am i 

Mariank119  I have created ticket 104531 for you. 

Billet 105036. 

Je suis dans le même cas. Impossible d'imprimer, comment faire? Tout est bien branché, l imprimante est prête mais rien ne sort. Urgent. Merci


Je voudrais d'abord m'assurer que vous êtes sur la version la plus récente de Sawgrass Print Manager. Vous pouvez télécharger la dernière version ici : 

Ensuite, assurez-vous que le gestionnaire d'impression Sawgrass est en cours d'exécution. Cliquez sur l'icône PM dans la barre des tâches (MAC) ou sur les icônes cachées (WIN) et essayez d'accéder au menu de l'imprimante. Si vous êtes en mesure d'accéder au menu de l'imprimante, alors le gestionnaire d'impression Sawgrass est en cours d'exécution. 

Ensuite, assurez-vous que votre dossier intelligent est correctement installé  

Si vous ne pouvez pas imprimer à partir de Creative Studio, consultez cet article 

Si vous ne pouvez toujours pas imprimer, veuillez créer un ticket ici : 

Traduit avec (version gratuite)

I cant print and I have spent so much money on this machine! I am so irritated! I am months behind and just bought a new computer in hopes of no more issues! I hate this new version. It is making this sg400 seem like money down the drain :( someone please help!!!!

TRY THIS! I've had this problem for 30 days or more and no one has helped!!!  Here are some things I do to make it work.

1. For some reason I now have the same printed listed twice. Look at your dropdown box to see if you have a copy of the printer listed there. I think in the transition or download of the new software a copy was created. I haven't figured out how to delete one of them, but it's possible the software is having a problem sending to the printer because there are two printers. Try one and then the other and see which one prints. For me it's not the one listed as the default so I have to use the dropdown each time I print.

2. For whatever reason the system seems to time out frequently, but there aren't any messages telling you it timed out, you'll go to print and think it's printing, but nothing. I started logging out every 30 mins or so and log back in. You'll need to do this in the software and print manager itself. I use a MacBook Pro so I do this using the icon at the top of the screen. Click on it to log out and log back in. Sometimes it keeps me logged in for about an hour, but mostly just 30 mins. It's a pain, but it's been working. 

3. I also realized I need to be on a strong wifi signal for it to work. My Sawgrass printer is in my craft room, but I get a stronger wifi signal from my office so I send the print job to the printer from my office and once it looks like it sent, I take my laptop to my craft room and plug in the printer and it prints. I have the SG800 and it is not wifi / bluetooth enabled. 

4. I have zero problems printing from a local file. I use Corel to create some projects and then export it as a pdf and then convert to tiff and save to the Sawgrass folder on my desktop. Then from PM select print local file and it will send to the printer and you can select your substrate, paper, etc. - no problems at all printing this way. I only have problems printing from the online Creative Studios so there's a disconnect between the two which I think is wifi and the multiple printers??

5. I use Safari for Sawgrass - I've had so many problems with Google, so try switching your web browser and see if that helps.

6. Apple doesn't trust Sawgrass - likely because they're trying to download and retain too much information. I've noticed that as long as PM is open I can't screenshot or do other things on my computer so I keep it closed unless I'm using it. When I encounter multiple error messages, I close all open windows and only open PM and CS - nothing else. 

Hope that helps since it seems like we're in this alone! Creating a ticket means nothing if there is no resolution!! 

What in the world is with this Company?  I have a ticket from weeks and weeks ago.  My issue has never been resolved and you NEVER get help from Sawgrass.   I have not been able to print files decent enough since the change on July 31st.  That is over a Month.  Very poor experience.

Hello  Kelly, I see that we have been responding to you via email. We have escalated your issue however we do not have a resolution for your issue yet. We are working to get your issue resolved. 

I can't print either. 

Almost 2 months and counting......without any resolution.

Kelly, Can you please make sure that you are on the most up to date version of Sawgrass Print Manager. When you have updated please go to your Print Manager printer menu select Options >Connection settings. In the connection settings box add 12000 to the timeout and hit ok. Log out of Creative Studio and log back in and let  us know if you are still unable to download.

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