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I cannot Print from the the New Studio

I cannot Print from the the New Studio.  I have tried everything The studio shows my printer and that it is ready.  I push print and it tells me it has successfully been queued but then nothing happens. I did all the steps on all their website for trouble shooting and still not able to print  Can anyone help me???? I have already missed deadlines and missing more . I am so frustrated

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Kimmiemaedesigns The first thing I would check is that you have the exact same credentials for both Creative Studio and Sawgrass Print Manager. Try the following steps and let me know if that helps at all.

Log out of Sawgrass Print Manager from the Print Manager window

Log out of Creative Studio

Clear your cookies a cache

Log back into Sawgrass Print Manager and Creative Studio using the exact same credentials.

Try using a different web browser

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No happy with the new Creative Studio

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My printer just keeps saying processing... The new program is trash... Does anyone know of a different program I think it may be time to switch.

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I've had an open ticket and have requested to have a return call several times. So please don't pretend that you are all here to help us.....

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SAME HERE! So very frustrating and a complete waste of time. 

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I can now print with the Beta download but it takes time to load. The sizes are wrong on templates and so many templates that I use are not in the new version.  I had a ticket and support call scheduled  with confirmation for Monday and no one from support ever called.  Sad...sad...sad...

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I tried the same thing for the last 3 weeks on the new software to get familiar with it and no Surprise there, there are so many bugs. My computer send the data onto the printer and then disappears. SO FRUSTRATING! 

The older version worked wonders for me. Also aligning the images on the new version is a bi*ch. They need to bring the other version to accommodate the images exactly in the middle of the mug from both sides, without it is almost a whole job to try to align perfectly.

It is not you.... is the new version. It does seem to suck big time. My husband and I are computer savvy and he is mainly the IT guy and man! He knows there is something wrong with it. 

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i cant print

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Just printed out on Corel paintshop pro on my sg400. It's easier to use then this program.

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Has anyone gotten an answer???? I still can't print, steadily losing money...

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i managed to move my coasters over to new one but they have all shrunk on their templates..

i lost business yesterday and again today.....grrrrrrr

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We all sit here on our thumbs, unable to make $, while Sawgrass enjoys the weekend off. Just give us what we want Sawgrass!

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I ended up having to reinstall the SPM (I have a Mac) all over again. From there I could at least print from my files on my computer.

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i cant print why   

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I cant print either and have over 400 mask to get out!  How do I get into touch with a LIVE person.  

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