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About a month ago there was a tab that you could put the exact width a length measurements you needed for your print are... is this gone? If it is, is there a way to "select all" and it give the measurements of the selected area like the old creative studio?


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Thank you for reaching out. Please understand that the original Creative Studio program has been around for six years and is no longer supported for development, we had to move away to the new platform to support growth like Go Expression and Go Exchange. We are not able to keep both versions running. We are working diligently to get more templates and requested elements moved over to the new creative studio as soon as possible. We understand your frustration and we do appreciate constructive criticism from our customers. We are listening to our customers and making progress fixing the reported issues with Creative Studio. This process will take some time to complete but please know that we are working on this daily. Please let me know what specific issues you are having using Creative Studio?

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how do we find the custom print area. I need to adjust my images to the size I want like in old version.

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I don't even have that tab, nor do I have a tab for the eStore.

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me either. Omg this is horrible. I have orders to complete. Do you know if we have to download the software again?

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I had started trying t use this new CS about a month ago and that was one of the only things I was excited about having.... But now the tab is not there. It was above the upgrade tab on the far left towards the bottom but is gone now. without that and with out being able to select all and size my design as a whole to make sure it fits, this will be useless for me. I make baby blankets that consist of a custom size print repeated on the blanket.

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I understand adding to and making better but this is missing some valuable tools the other creative studio had and it is very discouraging 

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I agree, This is a mess

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I'm experiencing the same thing,i actually have been ever since i purchased my printer and started using the program It would never let me enter it or use the tab... now it is just not there at all..

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and I have yet to find a way to be able to tweak measurements.... like in the ols cs you could select all and then manipulate the design measurements as a whole

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I figured out why it wouldn't let me click - the measurements were too small. So I created a 8.75x3.5 inch canvas (to try to get the full mug wrap that I want) and it worked. But then I put my design in the "canvas" and am trying to drag it into the borders so that it prints out full wrap (when I try to do it on the mug wrap template it sizes it to be smaller than the full 11oz mug so this is what I'm trying to avoid). Now it is telling me that the size is .86x.39" when it seems to fill my canvas. 

So is it the size of my canvas, or the size that is showing on the screen now? And what is that size?

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so will that feature be available with an option to save any time soon? I use custom areas for blankets I make and often people choose the same blankets and just have their custom name put on the blanket. without being able to save makes it a huge problem. Ive started looking into other programs bc i need something I can rely on. Its making way more work to have to recreate the same template over and over again which is messing with my profit margin on my business I have built.

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The Custom Canvas option has been removed from the CreativeStudio after receiving a great deal of negative feedback regarding it not being able to save. 

As such we have been working to expand the Design Canvases option since that will allow you to select a template the size of your paper upon which you may design and save. 

If you find that you have a paper size that is not present, please let us know at the following link so we may get them added: 

Alternatively, if you have a template that is not in the CreativeStudio yet, you can also create a custom mask using the steps in the following video: 

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I totally agree with Jksegal10 ...... not only has your Marketing team decided in their infinite wisdom to pull the plug on the bespoke design feature, they've also got rid of the workaround solution ! I have LOADS of product orders waiting on a design which I CAN NO LONGER print. Sorry Sawgrass, your excuses are insulting ! And please Brett, don't respond with the same old, and often repeated, answer "The Custom Canvas option has been removed ...." - how I wish I didn't go down the Sawgrass route for my sublimation needs !

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je suis déçu qu il n y ai plu l onglet  pour les dimensions personnalisées.j espere qu il va etre remis car pour faire mes coques de telephone ou mes portes clés c'etait super bien la ça devient impossible.remettez nous le s il vous plait

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This is unbelievable! So rather than figuring out how to make it savable or fending off the calls about it you prefer to take it away completely to mess up the people that use it regularly with no issues?  Bad business.  Will never buy another SG product!

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