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Design Mesaurements

Now that a template actually loads, when I add a design the measurements are off! I uploaded a perfectly sized dog tag and now it's enlarged to 7 inches! On top of creativestudio software changing the measurements, there's no way to re-size!!!! Is this a bug or will it be fixed. Please bring back the old software because it actually worked. I'm losing hundreds of dollars a day because of this BS!!!!!!! Will someone please tell me a program to use where I can print my designs? This is now the 3rd day I can't work and make my products. 

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Thank you for contacting Sawgrass Technical Support. I see that you are having some sizing issues in creative studio. We are aware that the sizing may be off and we are working diligently to get a resolution for his as soon as possible. For more accurate sizing options you can try out Grid blank canvases. The Canvases are set in inches if you use the letter, legal or tabloid canvases. The A3 an A4 canvases are set to millimetres. Click on Blank products and then design canvases and you will see the Grid options. I have also attached a video link that will help you out.  

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The only way to resize is to drag the box but this doesn't work for us either. I need to be able to input the size myself or have a template that works

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I came on here to find if anyone else was having the same issue. I design my work in Illustrator but when I import it into the new creative studio it completely loses the size and just fits it to the page. It's so frustrating, I've literally been measuring it in illustrator and then resizing it to that size in the software but the measurements are off. You can't set each side to the right size but the ratios aren't right when you resize it. It's a nightmare. Have you had any response from Sawgrass??

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I hate this new software, I cant find the  x 6 tile, that is a basic size, where is it?

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Hello - We have seen this as well and are actively working on correcting it. 

Luleeahmed - If you navigate to the 2nd page under ceramic tiles, the second on from the bottom in the first column is 6" x 6"

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I tried following your instructions and I did get to the 6 x 6 tile but when I insert my image the size changes to a bigger size, for the life of me I cant print something so basic as a 6 x 6 tile. what can I do.  

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@Brett I think the issue is you can set the template size but when you import a file from illustrator for example, it doesn’t stay the size you imported! If you have an A3 page selected, you import an A4 image and it automatically fits it to the page.


je n'utile pas illustrator et pourtant j'ai le même problème les tailles ne sont pas bonne, ont ne retrouve rien de l'ancien créative studio, de plus je suis tout a fait d'accord avec "simplechoicedesign" le concepteur doit vraiment revoir sa copie, a t'il essayé de poser une photo sur un des gabarits et de l'imprimer avant de lancer son logiciel, c'est il aperçu que les tailles ne corresponde à rien, qu'il manque énormément de gabarits et les icônes des gabarits parlons en, de minuscule photo blanche sur un fond blanc bravo même un enfant de 5 ans aurait mis un fond en couleur ou mis en gras le contours des icônes.

essayez de mettre deux photos cote à cote et qu'elle soit parfaitement alignées, il va vous en falloir de la patience et du temps, malheureusement le temps c'est de l'argent et moi j'en perd plus que je n'en gagne.

je suis vraiment écœurée.

I’m having the same problems. Templates are way to big when I print them and over half of my templates are not even listed. And I’m losing customers because I can’t find templates and what I do find is sized wrong . I want the old creative studio back! I’m so not happy with the new one , you can’t find what you need , sizing is wrong and the new creative studio is not user friendly. Please help I’m losing my clients and it is so frustrating .

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Why are the templates not listed like old creative studio and everything is sized wrong . Shouldn’t we get a choice of the software ? I bet if you did a survey of all of us users most would go back to old creative studio! Why couldn’t you add new features to the old studio? I’m losing business and I have a lot invested and I can’t even produce anything due to size and loss of templates

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Luleeahmed  - I just reached out to you directly under support ticket 102934 to dig into this deeper. 

Cecilialydolph814  - I just reached out to you under ticket 102935 to explore the issues you're seeing.

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the 20oz water bottle- every time i try and load it the program freezes. what is the deal with that 

does anyone know a better program to use.. i used to love this one now i hate it.. nothing is the right size !!!!! and some of the templetes wont load only freezes my program up

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I thought I was doing something wrong until I found this post. I am having the same problem with the facemask templates.  They are printing much larger than they should. Unusable. I am wasting paper and ink. I am so frustrated!

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