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Printing Lines Over Image

Since my update everything I print has black crisscross lines over my images. 

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Hello  Gengley,

Thank you for your feedback. Please understand that this information is stated in our user agreement when install the software. You may use whatever ink you wish but  we strongly discourage the use of non-Sawgrass ink cartridges in your Sawgrass printer, The reason being is that these ink cartridges are not designed for this printer and come from an unknown provenance. We therefore cannot confirm the quality of this ink resulting in colour issues and also has the possibility of causing nozzle loss or other serious print head related errors. Because of the potential issues listed above, the use of non-sawgrass ink cartridges will therefore void the printer warranty and render it null.

This usually only happens if you are using non-Sawgrass ink. 

Are you using one of our sets?

Yes it has happened with both sublijet hd and a refillable ink.

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Same for me 

Well the refillable ink would cause this as those are non-authentic. But if you're still seeing this when using Authentic Sawgrass ink, you may need to open a support ticket with us as it sounds like it may be a chip read error and the support team will need to look into it further with specifics. 

I'm having a similar issue of it printing a frame around the border of my paper and ALSO now I have a faint blue line on the back of my paper......

I bought non sawgrass ink... i had to reinstall my printer. Now black lines are printing thru my images. What can i do to fix this.. This was not a problem initially. I have been using these inks for a while. I only bought them because it was advertised on Amazon as use with sawgrass printers.

I am having the same issue. It is diagonal lines like in diamond shapes throughout my whole image, yet if i print from a different program it prints fine.  This is super frustrating! I have had nothing but problems since the new program. 

Hello  Shannonanne999 , The use of non-genuine ink cartridges will cause you to have diagonal lines in your prints. You are still able to print to the printer itself without issue, but in order to continue using our software, you must be using genuine ink cartridges. This includes the Sawgrass Print Manager, as well as CreativeStudio.

I've had my SG500 for less than a month and I'm having the same issues. I've only did 2 print jobs and I'm using the  Siser EasySubli ink which came with the printer.

Ljohnson  We have replied to your current ticket.

I have had this printer for 2 years and used "non" genuine ink and it just began. Thanks for the info! I will switch programs! 

Have you tried cleaning nozzle heads? This clears lines in my prints everytime.

I have this issue too if i switch back to sawgrass ink will it fix the problem 

Maggsyoung  You can choose to put Sawgrass ink in your printer in order to continue using our software, you must be using genuine ink cartridges. This includes the Sawgrass Print Manager, as well as CreativeStudio.  However, we do not recommend converting your ink, The reason being is that should both inks mix during the conversion it will, in due course, cause blocked nozzles and damage the print head. For this reason, performing this conversion will void the warranty of your printer. We therefore strongly recommend you purchase a second printer.   

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