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Not Printing

I am new to sublimation and I just got my sg500 printer today. I got it all set up..I think. I get to the point where it says "Print has been successfully queued" and then nothing happens after that. What am I doing wrong? I am using my MacBook pro that is all the way updated. 

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Netty.noo71  first, check to make sure that Sawgrass Print Manager is running. Please tell me if you are able to access the printer utilities. Let me know if  and you see the printers ink levels?  Can you send a screen shot of the details tab? Here is how to access Print utilities 

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Mckennahope96  I see that you have a ticket 103538. Please look at your email , I sent you a reply. 

kvh  Are you on the most recent version of Sawgrass Print Manager? Should be version 8.3

I'm having the same issues. My print job has been in queue for over 5 hours.

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Ljohnson  looks like we responded to your ticket via email. 

we have the same problem and from 1 day to another, printer says OFFLINE !!! grrr.. nothings works previous program was much better.. 

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Debeirine , we have created ticket 103920 for you. Please check your email. 

Same with me....I have things cued saying it'll download in 3 hours....

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Mimimadedesigns  we responded to your ticket. 

You can check the SPM version by accessing the printer menu going to help>about. If you are not sure how to access the printer menu here is a link  

kvh we have responded to your ticket. Please check your email

I HAVE THE SAME ISSUES AND hate the new program.  Just going in circles - old version was much easier to use.  P:LEAE HELP......

Ik ben al uren bezig met dit programma. Ik kan mijn oude template niet meer gebruiken. Hij staat er wel in maar dan verticaal ipv horizontaal. Daarbij print hij niet meer rechtstreeks uit het programma.  

Info  Controleer uw e-mail, ik heb een support ticket voor u gemaakt.

Lawfamily2  I have created a support ticket for you, please check your email

I am also having this issue ever since my Creative Studio upgraded to the new version. I am at my wits ends and now need to refund people because they are sick of waiting.  Can anyone help please?

It just queues and nothing else

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