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Paper sizing

Why wont my design my design that is 3.740 inches x 8.267 inches fit the mug standard paper,  that is 3.858 inches x 9.37 inches. It keeps warning  one or more jobs do not fit the current page setting.  There is room, I even made it slightly bigger & still will not work.

I could send them previously without issue. I am so sick of this crap software, you have made it so I cannot even use my Silhouette, which has been my work around because creative studio mug template does not work. Anyone one else feel completely ripped off by this company?

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Madtalented.d.k  Could you please send screen shots of the Jobs and layout tab in Sawgrass Print Manager? 

I agree I have wasted so much print paper over the past month. I tried to print a small dog collar. The overlay on the design page is so thick that you cant see the design you are making.

Also it would not print the design. PM decided that it would not fit onto the page EVEN after i selected design override and reduce  border/bleed.

I am considering a new Dyesub printer and may select a different brand so I can get away from creative studio.

Glanyon, can you please send a photo of you printed results? Which dog tag template are you using? 

I'm having the same issue.  I have to use and entire sheet of paper to print a design for a mug.  Why I can't get the printer to print on different papers size?

Victoriam716 The printers are not limited to one paper size. You always want to make sure you match the paper size in Sawgrass Print Manager to the paper size set in your tray. What size mug paper do you have? and what is your printer model?

11 onz. I do have paper for my mugs but when I change the setting to a different paper size is just don't work. 

Victoriam716  it will work, you have to choose the paper size in Sawgrass Print manager. Can you tell me the Paper size in your tray? 

I am having the same issue, so many papers and ink wasted trying to get the size right. I am also using a mug paper (9.5 x 4). I have my design file also set to 9.5 x 4 while my actual design is 8.43" x 3.90". It will print the width correctly but the height is not at 3.90" and is like 3.5" or something like that. Scratching my head and couldn't figure out why. Even tried uploading the design into Creative Studio and it was still doing the same. It works on 8.5 x 11" paper but it is more costly and I had gotten the mug paper purposely to use on mugs. 

After spending days and countless hours researching, wasting paper and ink... what I think is that SPM leaves a margin on all sides. So on my 9.5 x 4 paper, it would print fine if I shrunk my design to 8.43" x 3.75" so I think it reserves about .25" on each side. 

Sawgrass Support, can you confirm this? If this is incorrect, please let me know what I am doing wrong as I would prefer not to have to use 8.5 x 11" paper for this particular mug design. 


PPM_NY I am sorry to hear that you are having sizing issues. I see that you have a ticket open with us already so I am going to have a Technical Support Representative reach out to you. Please check your email 

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