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what happened to the Network

First, in the Sawgrass Network page it is showing Coming Soon where it was reading sign up.  In Creative Studio the Icons for Go expression and  Go Exchange are missing as is the e-store.  Where did my designs go. I was told they were in the Global store but I could never find that either. 

Feeling very challenged, perplexed, anxious, and frustrated.  Any help on the what's or why's of any of this would be greatly appreciated.  Yes, I signed up & paid for the Premium membership, and days later this happens.  Do I need to ask for a refund? Is there a glitch in the program?  

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Hi there Darling-Angel Delgado ,

We currently have a system outage with GO Expression. We know this may be disruptive to your business and are diligently working on next steps. Please check the GO Expression website for updates.