With the new CreativeStudio, you have two options for how to upload your own images. Please see below for instructions for each method:

Uploading from the Design Work Space

To upload from the design work space, first click Galleries on the left sidebar of the design area.

You will then be prompted with the category folders.
Choose the folder you wish to upload your image to, then click the Upload Image link below the search bar (shown below):

Note: You cannot create a new category from within the design work space gallery. Should you wish to create a new category folder, you will need to do so from within the content management Galleries located on the CreativeStudio homepage. Please see image below.

Uploading from Content Management

To upload from the content management area of CreativeStudio, please click the CreativeStudio logo in the top left of the design area to return to the home page.

Once at this location, click 'Galleries' to view your folder categories.

 Click on the folder you wish to upload your content to (or create a new one). Once the category is chosen, click the Add Images icon (shown below) to upload to this category: