There may come a time where saved designs or images are no longer needed, and you would rather remove them than have them occupy your precious screen real estate. We've made it very easy to remove the content you no longer require.

If you are already in a design screen, you'll want to return to the home screen by clicking the CreativeStudio logo in the top left corner of the design work space. This will bring you back to the home page for CreativeStudio.

Once back at this location, you may choose either 'Creations' or 'Galleries' to access your saved content folders and the files within. Creations is where your designs reside, whereas Galleries is where your images reside. From here, you may click the trash icon on the top right of any of the saved designs or images you wish.

Note: At this time,  it is not possible to delete any categories that you have created. You may delete any files contained within, but the category cannot be removed.