If you have a design or image you work with frequently, CreativeStudio now makes it easy to place these heavily used items front and center, making them easier to find when browsing your designs or images. Please see below for more information on working with Favorites.

Making an Image or Design a Favorite
To assign 'favorite' status to designs (Creations) or images (Galleries), simply visit the respective locations in your CreativeStudio home page (available by clicking the CreativeStudio log in the top left corner of the design window.

Once at the home page, you can click Creations or Galleries to get to the desired area. From there, click on the category you'd like to work with. In the area below, you'll see your content, each with a Heart and Trash logo on them. Click the heart on any content you'd like to assign as a favorite.

Accessing your Favorites from CreativeStudio
To access your favorites when working within the design interface, you need only click the Favorites icon, as opposed to a category. This will show you all content that you have assigned as a favorite.

Removing Favorite Status from Content
To remove an item from favorites, see the instructions above regarding assigning favorites. Clicking the Heart icon a second time will remove the favorite status, removing it from view when browsing your Favorites.