With the launch of the new CreativeStudio, we are proud to announce the support for uploading your own fonts for use within the design platform. To import your own fonts, please follow the instructions below:

Note: This feature requires a Premium subscription. Fonts must be in the OTF or TTF format in order for the upload to complete successfully. Once a font has been uploaded, it is currently not possible to remove it from the CreativeStudio content.

  1. Uploading of fonts is only supported within the design interface. To do so, click the pink 'Start Creating' button.

  2. From the design window, choose The Text option from the icons on the left.

  3. Choose 'Uploaded'.

  4. Click the Upload Font (.tff or .otf) link:

  5. Browse to and select your font and complete the upload process. This font will now reside inside your Uploads folder.

  6. To insert text using this font into your document, simply single click the font in your list. A text block with this font will appear in your design window.