The purpose of this article is to explain the different options available for content manipulation within CreativeStudio. All of these options are performed within the Objects panel of the design work space (pictured below):

Flip: This option allows you to flip your content, either on the horizontal or vertical axis. It is important to note that although the Flip text only appears underneath the icon, both of the images shown in the icon perform different functions. The option on the left performs a horizontal flip, whereas the option on the right performs a vertical flip.

Crop: Selecting this option will bring up a crop interface. Within this interface, draw a box around the content you wish to crop to. Once you click the Crop button, the image be reduced down to the selected content, removing all other content.

Clear White: This option allows you to selectively remove elements from a design or image. Upon clicking this option, a window will appear allowing you to select individual portions of your design and have them removed. Simply click on the color you wish to remove. This is depicted in the animation below:

Fill Color: This option allows you to change the fill color for designs contained within CreativeStudio. This option will not be available for uploaded images.