Retrieving the stored Jam Codes from the printer log will assist in determining the cause of a paper misfeed error.

  1. With the printer powered on, press and hold the up arrow for 3 seconds. Whilst holding the up arrow, also press and hold the down arrow for 5 seconds. (nothing on the LCD display will indicate the appropriate amount of time has passed)
  2. Release the arrow buttons and press #Enter (if nothing happens, try again)
  3. When successful the LCD will display SYSTEMver
  4. Press the down arrow once to Engine Maint. and press #Enter
  5. Using the Up & Down arrows, and pressing #Enter after each number, enter 7014013 for the first Jam Code. Press #Enter when complete.
  6. The LCD should then display Jam Code 7014013, press #Enter
    The 3-digit code will then be displayed, please note down the code
  7. Press return twice and repeat step 5
  8. Repeat for all 10 Jam Code Logs listed below