A way to prevent the printer from displaying a paper misfeed error is by deactivating the paper size error detection feature. This will stop the printer from detecting the size of the paper going through the printer and displaying an error if an incorrect size is selected in the settings.

In order to do so, you will need to navigate to the following menu. 

  1.  Press the Menu button
  2. Navigate to System Settings, then Press OK
  3. Navigate to Maintenance, then press OK
  4. Navigate to paper Size Error Detect, then Press OK
  5. Ensure that it is set to Do Not Detect, then press OK
  6. Press the Menu button to display the ink levels

Please however be aware that should you print with an incorrect paper setting, you may be at risk of putting ink on the paper feed belt which may result in an SC 57000 error. The paper feed belt will then need to be cleaned.