We have found that Windows Update introduced a critical printing issue on Jun 9, causing:

  • Certain printers may be unable to print.
  • Print spooler may error or close unexpectedly when attempting to print
  • No output will come from affected printer
  • Issues with the apps you are attempting to print from. You might receive an error from the app or the app may close unexpectedly

On June 18, Microsoft resolved the issue with another update (KB4567523)

Please ensure that your Windows system if always up to date, this update is particularly critical. 

Please see below in order to check if your Windows 10 has the latest updates installed.

Click on start > Settings and locate Update & Security near the bottom of the list.

Click Check for updates. The system will now check if any updates are missing

If there are updates missing, it will download and install them.

A restart will most likely be required.