During the installation of the printer driver, the installer may fail to detect your printer connected to your wireless network or LAN.  If this is the case, please follow the instructions below in order to disable the Windows firewall.

Access “System and Security” via the Windows Control Panel:

Select the “Windows Defender Firewall” option:


Select the “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off” option on the left of the screen:

Select “Turn off Windows Defender Firewall” for each option then hit OK at the bottom of the screen:

The system will alert you that the changes have changed with the following message:


From here, relaunch SPM to generate the Setup New Printer Screen and select the printer in question to move through the standard installation options, making sure to select Search via LAN when presented with the connection method.

Once the printer has been added through SPM, the firewall can be re-enabled using the same steps and selecting “Turn on Windows Defender Firewall” for each option.