The new Creative Studio Designer allows you to print to a printer that is not necessarily connected to the PC or Mac you are currently using. This means that you can design in Creative Studio in one location but send the job to print to a PC running the Print Manager (to which the printer is connected) that is in a different location. 

As such there are a couple of things that you must pay attention to when printing. CreativeStudio will list all the printers that are detected by each of the Sawgrass Print Manager instances that you are logged in to. For example, you may have one SG400 printer but connected to two PC's with the Print Manager running. Therefore when going to print in CreativeStudio, you may see two SG400's listed. 

You will notice when going to print, that the printer name is composed of the following, for example for an SG400:

Sawgrass SG400 RPCS-R: Printer model.
(Offline): printer/driver status.
[SG-L-5T524Q2]: Computer name to which it will print.

If your printer is currently connected to the computer you are using you will need to select the printer name with your current computer name at the end.

You can find your computer name by performing the following:
Windows:  Open Settings. Click System > About and look next to Device name.

If you are unable to print from the New CreativeStudio, please first of all ensure that the Sawgrass Print Manager is running and that you are logged in using the same account.

Next, check that the printer you have selected in the CreativeStudio print settings is online and that the computer name matches the computer you wish to print to.

We would also recommend that you sign out of any Print Manager instances that are running on any other PC/Mac that you are not using as this may cause confusion when going to print. Even if the PC is powered off, you will still be signed in to SPM and the printer/computer name may still therefore appear in the list of printer in CreativeStudio.

In order to sign out of the Print Manager, click on the PM icon in the task bar or hidden icons > Help > Sign out.

If the issue however is that you are unable to click on the print button please ensure that a paper size is selected. This will then enable the print button.