When using your printer in a network environment, you may run into an issue where your printer will suddenly stop printing and may appear as offline. This will generally happen if Windows has detected your printer automatically before running the printer driver installation within Sawgrass Print Manager. 

In technical terms, when this happens, Microsoft installs your printer as a WSD (Web Services for Devices) printer, instead of an IP (Internet Protocol) device. For that reason, Windows remains responsible for maintaining the connection to the printer, as opposed to your network. If that connection fails for any reason, your printer will fail to connect, resulting in printing and/or printer status errors. To determine if your printer is installed in this fashion, visit your Printers section of your System Settings, choose your Sawgrass printer, then click Manage. On the window that appears, choose Printer Properties, then the Ports tab. If your printer is listed on a port that starts with WSD, you are using a WSD port. If your printer is listed as either a series of digits ( for example) or the letters IP_ followed by a series of digits, it is installed properly.

To resolve this issue, you should visit your Printers section of your System Settings and remove the printer. Quit Sawgrass Print Manager by right clicking the System Tray icon and quitting the application. Relaunch Sawgrass Print Manager, where you will then be prompted to install a printer. Proceed with driver installation as normal, which will locate and install the printer using an IP address.