This article relates to an issue where the Sawgrass Print Manager is not printing after recently updating to the latest version.

The issue is relating to the hot folder located on the desktop. In order to resolve the issue, we recommend performing the following:

  1. Delete the Virtuoso Hot Folder from the desktop, if it is present.
  2. Click on the PM icon located in the hidden icons. If the icons is not there, please run the Print Manager using the icon on the Desktop. If there is no icon on the desktop, the Print Manager may not be installed correctly, in which case, you will need to reinstall it.
  3. Select the Smart Folder Manager from the menu.
  4. Select the Smart Folder tab then click Browse under the folder path. Select Desktop and then select the Sawgrass Smart Folder. If this folder is not present, click Make New Folder and name it Sawgrass Smart Folder. Click OK.
  5. Once done, click save
  6. You should now be able to print.