If the black colour appears wet or bleeding on the paper after printing, it can be resolved by one of the following:

When the paper is oversaturated with ink it will cause the small wheels on the exit guide to pick the ink from the page and print it over the remainder of the paper, thus causing the pizza wheel or small roller marks to appear. It may also cause the outer edges of text or design to appear fuzzy.

  • Oversaturation due to paper type

    The most common cause of this issue is oversaturation due to using a non-recommended type of paper such as TextPrint XP HR / DT L which is designed for Epson printers. This happens when the paper is not able to absorb the amount of ink laid down.we would recommend changing the paper type you are using to a paper type listed in the Print Manager paper settings. Depending on the paper you are using, you may need to enable a different of the Sawgrass Print Manager.

  • Incorrect settings leading to oversaturation. 

    To avoid any incorrect settings leading to oversaturation please make sure you are printing to the Sawgrass Print manager and if you are printing from a graphic software other than CreativeStudio please see our configuration guide for further assistance regarding this. 

    Colour Palette: If you are already using the correct settings for you paper, you can further reduce the bleeding by setting the ColorSure Palette to Disabled. 
    Print Manager Settings: Configuring the settings in the Print manager to Polyester and High Speed will help further reduce the bleeding effect

  • Head Flushes: We have also found that in certain circumstances performing a couple of head flushes also reduces the cause of this issue which is the black ink still being wet or bleeding. Please see the article How To perform a head flush if you are unsure how to perform this on your SG500 or SG1000 printer.