Colour issues can be caused by various reasons. In this instance, faded prints can be caused by one of the following:

Missing nozzles: A significant change in colour could also be the result of missing nozzles. We would therefore recommend you print a nozzle check in order to verify this.

If the nozzle check is prefect, then we would recommend printing a primary chart from the Print manager's printer utilities, this will allow you determine exactly which colour is faded. If one the colours appears to be faded, then we would recommend performing a head flush. To minimize ink usage, you can perform a head flush on either Print Head 1 (Cyan and Black) or Print Head 2 (Magenta and Yellow).

Printing on the wrong paper side: Printing on the incorrect paper side can cause your overal image to be faded. This is because sublimation paper has a special coating which enables the sublimation process to work.

Not printing through the Print Manager or incorrect settings: The issue could also be caused by not printing using the Sawgrass Print Manager or, if you are printing from a software other than CreativeStudio, incorrectly configured settings. If you are printing from either Photoshop, CorelDRAW or Illustrator, you may verify the correct settings by checking one of the colour settings articles.

If the issue is with your sublimated product but your print is fine, then the issue could be related to your heat press settings or substrate.