Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding GO Expression

Is the website mobile friendly?
Yes, the website is mobile friendly. However, if you want to personalize a product, we recommend to use the desktop version.

Will any of these sites have advertising space?
Not at launch as Sawgrass wants to keep our programs focused on the functionality and the customer needs, but this may change in the future.

Will a customer GO Expression store be mixed with the other seller stores in GO Expression?
GO Expression is a collective marketplace of multiple store pages. Customers will be able to browse the product selections offered at multiple stores and determine their desired designed product.

Will you be adding a currency converter in the future?
Currency conversions are offered in the GO Expression shopping cart. The final total will always be based on US dollars, so these conversions may not be 100% accurate based on the current rates.

Can I use any Design program?
In order to use the Sawgrass Network, you must design within CreativeStudio. Although, integrations with other design programs will be considered and implemented in the future.

How do we get products into GO Expression?
Use of CreativeStudio is necessary to design a product and then push it into GO Expression. Product and Store Management will also be handled within CreativeStudio for your GO Expression store page.