This article serves as an instructional breakdown of the various aspects of the Order Acceptance section of the Order Management System (OMS). Each section is broken down below.

An image showing the Order Acceptance view can be seen below.

Order Number: This will show the order number for any given order. There will be one order number listed for each order displayed on the screen.

SKU: This is the 'Stock Keeping Unit' identifier for the item being produced within the order. This item is unique for each product, but is not unique for each order. For example, two orders for the same product will have different order numbers, but the same SKU. This is illustrated in the last two orders shown in the image above.

Customer: This is the name of the customer receiving the order.

Shipping Method: This is the method of shipping the customer has chosen when placing their order.

Required Dispatch Date: This is the date the order must be shipped by. If a date is not displayed here, the order should be treated as having a dispatch date of 'as soon as possible'.

Creation: This is the date and time stamp for when the order was created in the OMS system.

Status: This is the status of the order. When operating within the Order Acceptance screen, all orders should be displaying a status of 'Pending Acceptance'.

Stats: This is the quantity of items contained within each order.

Actions: This is where you may perform actions for accepting the order. When hovering over this section, the icons will become brighter and clickable. Please see below for more details about the Actions options.

Actions of Order Acceptance


Order Details: This option, illustrated as 4 stacked line segments with dots to the left, will bring you to the details of the order, where you may find further details of the order in question. 

Accept Order: This option, illustrated as a green check mark, is the action that accepts the order in the OMS system.

Reject Order: This option, illustrated as a red X, rejects the order allowing it to move on to other fulfillers.