Fulfiller Invoicing & Price Calculation Agreement

Invoicing and Payment Cycle
Your fulfiller transactions are allocated to your account as pending transaction on the dispatch of each order. A 14-day clearance period from the time of dispatch will be applied to each transaction before the transaction is released for billing. (Purpose: Protects SG in case something goes wrong) At the end of each week Sawgrass will initiate a billing cycle which will generate a report of all your cleared released for billing fulfiller transactions and produce your self-billed invoice.

Complete Self Billing
For fulfillers on “Complete self-billing” the self-billing invoice will constitute your sales invoice and you will not need to produce or send a sales invoice for your fulfiller transactions to Sawgrass. Sawgrass will aim to pay this self-billed invoice with in four days of creation.

Partial Self Billing
For fulfillers on “Partial self-billing” you will need to apply all applicable VAT to your fulfiller transactions and forward your sales invoice to Sawgrass. Sawgrass will aim to process and pay your invoice within four days of receipt.

Payment Threshold
Sawgrass have a payment amount threshold of $100 and where your payment amount does not exceed this applicable threshold, Sawgrass may elect to postpone your payment until the threshold is exceeded. Sawgrass may change the payment amount threshold at any time without specific notice to you. All fulfiller payments are paid out via Paypal and it is your responsibility to ensure that your Paypal details are current and up to date. All payments will be calculated and paid out in USD.

Fulfiller Price Calculation
Sawgrass will calculate the fulfiller price to be paid for your products based on the applicable “Fulfiller Pricing Schedule” at the time the order is accepted by you. The fulfiller price of each product sold by you on GO Exchange is composed of two components the “GO Expression Minimum Retail Price” and the “Fulfiller Earnings Percentage Rate”.

We may change either the GO Expression Minimum Retail Price or the Fulfiller Earning Percentage Rate at any time without specific notice to you.