Our Order Management System produces the right label with all customer details such as Shipping address for each order. The shipping incl. packaging will be handled by the fulfiller and will be delivered by the chosen carrier.  For most situations, the product will need to be shipped via a drop off method, so the fulfiller will be expected to deliver the final package to the nearest drop off collection point.  In certain cases, the fulfiller may be able to individually arrange pick up service with the chosen carrier, although pick up services is not an expected or default service provided via the Sawgrass Network.

In regards to packaging, it is up to the fulfiller's discretion to keep inventory of and provide appropriate packaging to use for the products chosen to support.  The packaging should be company agnostic with no additional company branding on the box or packing tape.  The packaging should be of top quality - looking of good appearance. 

Appropriate packing inserts should be included to ensure that the product does not get damaged during shipping.