This article serves as an instructional breakdown of the various aspects of the Production section of the Order Management System (OMS). Each section is broken down below.

ID: This is the unique identifier of the job when in Production.

Order Number: This will show the order number for any given order. There will be one order number listed for each order displayed on the screen.

SKU: This is the 'Stock Keeping Unit' identifier for the item being produced within the order. This item is unique for each product, but is not unique for each order.

Description: Description of the item.

Status: This is the status of the order. When operating within the Production screen, all orders should be displaying a status of 'Pending Production'.

Created: This is the date and time stamp for when the order was created in the OMS system.

Required Dispatch: This will show when the item needs to be shipped.


Action of Production

Send to Production: This will display the print settings window, as shown below, in order to produce the job.