The Virtual Product Creator allows you to create and list multiple products at the same time to your GO Expression store. it also allows buyers to edit the product prior to purchasing it.

  1. Create your design and product
  2. At the bottom of the Appearance window is the option to make the design editable within Go Expression.
  3. Once you are happy with the design, click add to GO Expression.
  4. Click save once satisfied with the Retail Price, Description and selected a category.
  5.  Click Yes to add your current display to more products
  6. Select the desired products from the list then click Create and Add. You can edit the design by clicking on Edit under the product.
  7. The products will be visible in your GO Expression store within 20 min
  8. If you wish to amend the Retail Price and description of the products, you will need to do so from within the eStore settings window and clicking on one of the products.