Once you have setup and connected your Sawgrass VJ-628 printer, you will now need to install the required software in order to configure, perform the initial ink charge and print.

  1. Download and install the Sawgrass Print Manager or Wasatch Media Configuration files from our website.
  2. When you run the SPM for the first time it will detect that no printers are currently installed, and will prompt you to install a printer driver. 
  3. Please select the VJ628 from the drop-down list, and click Install.
  4. The ValueJet printer Startup Assistant will now open, please click on Main Menu.

  5. Click on Start Startup Wizard, followed by Next.
  6. Confirm that the printer is assembled and connected by clicking Yes
  7. Click Start
  8. Ensure Search IP Address is checked and click Next
  9. The software will now search for your Sawgrass VJ628 printer. The default IP address is Select the printer listed and click Next.
  10. Click Search to find the next 5 available IP Addresses, then select one from the list.
  11. Click Next to assign the new IP Address
  12. Click finish to complete the process.
  13. Install Printer Driver. Click Start to commence.
  14. Ensure Add a new printer is checked and click Next
  15. Check Agree and click Next
  16. Click Next
  17. Select your printer from the list and click Next.

  18. You have the option to rename the printer driver, Set it as default as well as share it. Click Next
  19. Click Next to confirm settings
  20. The driver will now be added, click Finish once complete.
  21. The final part is the installation of the ValueJet Status monitor. Click Start
  22. Click Next
  23. Check I Agree and click Next
  24. Click Next
  25. Click Next to start the install
  26. Installation complete, click Close to finish
  27. The ValueJet Status Monitor software will now open and allow you to register your printer by pressing Enter.