If a Smart Card error is displayed in the Status Monitor, we recommend you perform the following:

  • Remove each afflicted cartridge and re-insert and see if error remains.  Also use this technique to see if you can determine which cartridge(s) are actually having issues.
  • Power cycle printer and see if this resolves issue (Note: Skip this step if you are experiencing S/C issues during install, ink charge, or longstore as power cycling will cause the VSM wizard to restart.)
  • Then repeat step 1.
  • If the issue remains, remove the afflicted cartridges and take a look at the smart card and see if the 3 lines on the chip look centered on the three segments of the chip.
  • Next, take off the card and place it a little higher on the cartridge to centre this (moving it closer or even a bit on top of the long ridge going along the top side of the cartridge when inserted into the printer – horizontal orientation).
  • If this does not correct the issue, then the smart card may be defective and will need to be replaced. Please contact Sawgrass Support to do this.

S/C 1234 or 5678: This means that the affected cartridge or cartridges is related to the right or left ink slots. You will need to remove and inspect the lines on the chip of the SmartCards as explained above in order to determine the cartridge or cartridges causing the error.

S/C 2345678: This error usually occurs during initial ink charge or during ink conversion from Dual CMYK to ProPhoto. The printer either does not have the required firmware update (at least 2.01) or it is stuck in 4-colour mode. You will need to contact Sawgrass Technical support who will need to connect to the printer using the Mutoh Service Assistant in order to rectify the issue.