This article covers the printing process using Sawgrass Print Manager on MacOS. Please be advised that MacOS 10.13(*) or greater is required for SPM to run on MacOS. Please note this article is only relevant for output from programs other than CreativeStudio. CreativeStudio will operate directly with SPM, as long as it is installed and running.

Because virtual printers do not exist on MacOS, the process for using Sawgrass Print Manager differs significantly from the method you would use on Windows. Please see below for a brief step-by-step on how to print:

  1. Ensure the Sawgrass Smart Folder exists on your desktop. If it does not, you have either not installed Sawgrass Print Manager and launched it, or you have deleted the folder. 
  2. Export your design from your program of choice. For the best compatibility, please use programs that are listed as supported on our Sawgrass Print Manager System Requirements page.
    • You must export as a supported file type in order for the Smart Folder to recognize it
      • .JPG
      • .PNG
      • .PDF (requires GhostScript be installed)
      • .TIFF
    • If your program does not support exporting as a file type other than the program's native type, as is the case with some versions of Silhouette, you will need to follow the process below to generate a compatible file:
      • Click File -> Print
      • In the print dialog, locate the dropdown in the bottom left. On most systems, this defaults to PDF. Click the dropdown and select Open PDF in Preview
      • In the Preview window that appears, you will need to export this as a compatible filetype (mentioned above) to the Sawgrass Smart Folder on your desktop
  3. When a compatible file is recognized, the Sawgrass Print Manager will take over. If you do not notice the dialog appear immediately, please click the SPM icon in your dock to activate the window, as it may have appeared behind another program currently open on your computer
  4. From this point, the process is straightforward and just as it is on Windows