Please see the instructions below in order to download and install the required Sawgrass Print Manager software.

Installing SPM

Go to the Sawgrass website and create an account.

  1. Click on Get Started, then Print Manager 
  2. Click on Download for Mac
  3. Once Downloaded, please run the .pkg application
    • If you are faced with an error message that Apple cannot run the application as it cannot check for malicious software, please right click / CTRL + click and open the .pkg application instead.

      Click Open in order to start the installation
  4. Click on Continue
  5. Click Install
  6. Enter your Mac username and Password, and click Install Software
  7. Installation Successful, Click on Close
  8. The Sawgrass Print Manager will now be in your Applications
  9. Launch the Sawgrass Print Manager, a PM icon will appear on the top right task bar
  10. If you do not have any printers installed, you will be prompted to Setup a New Printer. Select your printer model from the drop down list, then click Next
  11. Click Install or Re-install to install the latest printer driver, once done click Next
  12. Select the connection Method for your printer then click Next. Please note that WiFi is only available for the SG500/1000.

  13. Click Add printer. Please ensure that, if using WiFi, your printer is already connected to your Wireless network.
  14. This will open the printers & Scanners window. Click on the + to add a printer
  15. Click on the + to add a printer. Your printer should appear in the list, please select it then click Add
  16. Once added, close the Printers & Scanners window
  17. Installation successful, click finish