On Mac, when the Sawgrass Print Manager is running, you should see a small logo at top right. Please click on the logo to see the SPM menu appear.

On Windows, please click on the hidden icons arrow down at the bottom right of the task bar, near the date and time. When the Sawgrass Print Manager is running you should see the SPM logo in the hidden icons.

SPM Menu

  • Creative Studio : Allows you to directly load into the Creative Studio Online Designer
  • Open Local File: Allows you to open a local file for printing
  • Pause Scanning: Pause the scanning of the Hot-Folders. If paused you will need to resume scanning in order to print.
  • Smart Folder Manager: Allows you to create, delete or manage the Hot-Folders
  • Printer Utilities: Allows you to access the printer utilities such as the ink levels, printer information, nozzle check, head cleans, primary chart and PRN's.  Also allows you to install new printers, change the assigned ink type, access the printer list in the Windows Control Panel and restart the Print Spooler
  • Manage Paper Size: Allows you to add or remove custom paper sizes from the Sawgrass Print Manager
  • Palette Manager: Allows you add, remove or edit the colour palette
  • Options: Allows you to change options such as language, SPM edition, unit of measure, PDF options and whether to run the SPM on startup.
  • Help: Allows you to load the Sawgrass support page, launch  remote support/TeamViewer, check for updates and check which version of SPM you have.
  • Quit: Lets you close the Sawgrass Print Manager