Preserve Layout from Designer: The Sawgrass Print manager will automatically detect the layout or size of the image.

Print Manager Performs Layout: This will allow you to manually set the desired paper size, add spacing as well as centre the image and Trim any Whitespace.

Page Size: Allows you to set the paper size. This must match the paper size that you have in your tray. You can add custom paper sizes from the SPM menu > Manage Paper Sizes.

Spacing: Allows you to set some spacing between the edges and other images nested on the page. Increases in increments of 2.5mm.

Trim Whitespace: Allows you to remove any whitespace surrounding an image.

Centre: Allows you to centre the image(s) on the page.

Bleed Lines: Allows you to add or remove the bleed lines around the image.

Impose Margins: This feature will stop designs from being placed in the print margin, this would otherwise cause printing issues.