Colour Mode: This drop-down allows you to set the colour mode depending on the desired output and image type that you are printing. The options available can differ depending on the selected printer, speed and substrate.

  • Photographic: Profile used to print Photographs
  • Vivid: Profile with added saturation compared to Photographic.
  • Graphic: Profile with added saturation compared to Photographic. Useful for artwork or graphic imaged such as logos
  • Greyscale: Greyscale profile
  • Cool Grey: Similar to greyscale profile but with a slight blue tone
  • Classic: This profile will allow you to replicate the colours from the discontinued PowerDriver.

Colour Adjustment: The sliders bars allow you to further adjust the colour output. From top to bottom these are:

Add either more Cyan or more Red to your image
Add either more Magenta or more Green to your image
Add either more Yellow or more Blue to your image
Adjust the level of Brightness
Adjust the level of Contrast
Adjust the level of Saturation

Palette: This option is set to Disabled by default and allows you to enable the ColorSure palette. ColorSure enables you to perform spot colour replacement.This is useful when printing graphic or vector images and allows you to get a more faithful colour output after sublimation. There are 42 colours included by default. More can be added manually by selecting the Palette Manager option in the SPM menu.