Follow the procedure below to perform a print head cleaning.

Perform a head cleaning when print quality is affected by missing nozzles.

Head cleaning consumes ink but is sometimes necessary to achieve a full nozzle check. After an ink cartridge is replaced, a print head cleaning will be automatically performed.

  • Perform a head cleaning up to five (5) times in an attempt to clear missing
  • Print and check for any changes in the nozzle check test pattern between each head
  • Do not turn the printer off during print head cleaning. If the printer is turned off during a print head cleaning, start again by printing a nozzle check test
  1. Press the [ Menu] key.
  2. Press the [▲] or [▼] key to display [Print Features], then press the [OK] key
  3. Press the [▲] or [▼] key to display [ListTest Prnt], then press the [OK] key
  4. Press the [▲] or [▼] key to display [Head-cleaning], then press the [OK] key
  5. Press the [▲] or [▼] key to select a color, then press the [OK] key
    To clean all the print heads, select [All Heads].

    To clean the print head for cyan and black, select [Head 1].
    To clean the print head for yellow and magenta, select [Head 2].
  6.  Press the [OK] in the selection key.
    Head cleaning starts.