The below video will demonstrate how to setup your printer from start to finish

  1. Take off the protective covering.
  2. Remove the plastic bag
  3. Lift the printer and move it to the place where it will be installed
    Grip the indented area at the base of the printer's sides, as shown. Lift and carry the printer slowly and carefully.
  4. Remove the tape from the printer body.
  5. Attach Option Tray and/or Bypass Tray if applicable
  6. Insert the ink cartridges
  7. Connect to your wireless network or connect the Ethernet cable
    Do not connect the USB cable if you plan on connecting it this way. This will be done during the installation of the printer driver.
  8. Power the printer on
  9. The initial ink charge process will start
  10. Download and install the Sawgrass Print Manager