Blocked nozzles appear as missing dashes/lines on the nozzle check print out. Below is an example of a complete nozzle check as well as a bad nozzle check. A sign of blocked nozzles will be lines throughout your prints.


This articles assumes that you are using genuine Sawgrass ink cartridges that are within their use by dates. Should you be using expired or non-Sawgrass ink cartridges, we strongly recommend they be replaced prior to commencing the below procedures.

In order to bring back these missing nozzles, we would recommend performing the following:

  • No more than 3 head cleans, each followed by a nozzle check
  • No more than 2 head flushes, each followed by a nozzle check
  • Print a couple of PRN's to get the ink flowing, followed by a nozzle check. The PRN can be printed from the SPM menu > Printer Utilities > Full Page Full Bleed.
  • If the nozzle check is still not satisfactory with limited improvement, then the next step would be to clean the capping station with some hot distilled water. We would recommend cleaning the filter in the capping station until the fluid evacuates relatively quickly from the suction cup. As a result you may need to clean the capping station multiple times. Once the capping station filter is clean, perform a head flush followed by a nozzle check 
  • Perform an ink charge as a last resort. Please be advised that this will use approximately 20% ink.

Please note, that in order to reduce unnecessary ink consumption, it is recommended to perform the head clean or head flush on the relevant head, this will either be head 1 (Cyan/Black) or Head 2 (Magenta/Yellow).

The Nozzle check, Head clean and Head flush options can be accessed through the printer menu > Printer Features > List/test Print.


Should the above instructions not resolve the problem, please submit a ticket with our technical support team for further assistance.