A paper misfeed can be caused by three things:

  • Incorrect settings
  • Sensor error
  • Paper Jam

Incorrect settings

If an incorrect paper size is selected in the settings, when printing the printer will be expecting a paper of a certain length. If the printer detects that the page is longer or shorter than expected, it will display a paper misfeed message on the LCD display. This can usually be cleared by pressing the job reset button or Form Feed button on the front panel of the printer.

Sensor error

If it is confirmed that the print settings are correct, then the paper misfeed message could be caused by a sensor error. In most circumstances this is caused by a sensor, or the paper feed rollers being dirty and simply requires a clean.

Paper jam

 Another cause of a paper misfeed is when the print head catches the page being printed or object. A paper jam that occurs as a one off is nothing to worry about as, however if a jam occurs on every print, there might be a damaged part. 

If the paper misfeed error continues or is permanently displayed, you can obtain the Jam code in order for our support team to look into the error further.