Skewed prints are, more often than not, the result of the rear door being slightly ajar on one side. In order to rectify this, we recommend you perform the following:

  1.   Check the back of the printer for unlatched tabs.

   2.  Examine both tabs from the side to determining whether they are opened or closed.

   3. Next, make sure your paper is set properly in the Main Tray (not the bypass tray). It should be pushed back as far as it will go using the front green plastic guide. There should be no room between the paper and either the guide of the back of the tray.

    4. If you have a Bypass Tray, try printing through it instead of the Main Tray or vice versa to determine if it is occurring in one tray, the other or both.


Should the issue still persist, please ensure that the green paper guides within the paper tray are correctly set tight around the stack of paper. We also recommend that you perform the following adjustments:

  • Print head position
  • Paper feed
  • Registration