IP addresses are obtained by the DHCP server, usually your router, and can change when they get re-assigned. This can happen if the router gets powered off for any reason or when the lease on the IP address is renewed. In most cases the IP address remains the same, however this may not always be the case. If the printers IP address changes, you will no longer be able to print and the printer will most likely show as offline.

If your IP address is constantly changing, it may be worth moving your printer from a dynamic IP address to a static IP address. This means that the IP will remain the same.

The easiest option would be to logon to your routers settings and set the printer to a static IP address so that it does not change. The method of doing this will vary depending on your ISP or brand of router. We would not be able to assist with this configuration and are not responsible for any misconfigurations performed. We would recommend contacting your ISP or router manufacturer for assistance with this.

The other option is to disable the DHCP on the printer and manually set the IP address. The IP address will however need to be in the same IP range as your router. Please see the article on how to set a static IP address.