SPM not detecting USB Printer

During the installation process, the Sawgrass Print Manager will automatically detect the printer when prompted to connect it to your computer.

Should this not happen, please see the instructions below in order to proceed with the successful installation of the printer.

From the Connect Printer screen, press Back.

Select Ethernet, and click Next.

Click Add Printer

Select I accept the agreement followed by Next.

Select Add a new Printer followed by Next

Select Connect USB cable, followed by Next.

Click Next

The printer should now be detected when connected.

Once the printer has detected, proceed with the installation as normal.

Please see below should the issue still occur.

If the issue still persists, we would recommend you reinstall the USB Printing Support from the Device Manager.

During driver installation, your system should detect the printer and install automatically. The installation should continue automatically after this occurs. If the installation is not continuing from this point, please see below for potential causes/resolutions.

Ensure The Printer Was Not Connected Before Installation

If you've already connected the printer to your computer before performing the driver installation, it is possible that the printer has already attempted to install itself using a generic non-Sawgrass driver. To check for this, visit Devices & Printers within the Windows Control Panel. Check to see if a printer with a name similar to your Sawgrass printer model appears in the list. If it does, remove this printer manually by clicking 'Remove', then disconnect and reconnect the USB cable. This should cause the driver installation to continue as it should.

Ensure There Aren't Any Hardware Conflicts

If there is a USB device conflict on your system, the printer will fail to detect.

To check for this, click 'Start', then type 'Device Manager'. 

Check this window for any icons with an alert next to them, particularly in the 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' section. 

If there is an alert next to 'USB Printing Support' or an item is listed as 'Device Descriptor Failed', you'll want to first restart your computer and then check to see if this error has been removed. 

If the error is no longer present, restart the driver installation to continue. Please see this article for further details.

If none of these paths resolve your issue, please submit a ticket with our support team for assistance.