On November 10, 2020 Apple revealed an innovative step in personal computing with their new line of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro systems. These computers utilize a specialized ARM processor, dubbed Apple M1, as opposed to traditional Intel chips.


Here at Sawgrass, we are proud to be working to support this new technology as soon as possible. At this time, however, our printers and software are not compatible with these upcoming systems.


We are working diligently to ensure full compatibility and performance on these processors at the earliest possible time. We do not currently have a release date available.

Is Sawgrass Print Manager (SPM) supported on computers that use ARM processors?

Currently, Sawgrass Print Manager does not support ARM processors. To ensure full compatibility and performance, we are testing and optimizing our software for these new processors. 


When does Sawgrass plan to support ARM devices?

We are working to ensure that SPM are compatible with computers that run on ARM processors, but don't have a release date yet. 


Will Sawgrass continue to support Intel or AMD-based systems?

Yes. We have no plans to stop support for Intel or AMD-based systems.