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Subscribed to Premium and Nothing Changed

I subscribed to Premium and nothing has changed on my screen. I don't have the e store, the more button, and can't see previews of any garments. So what did I pay for?

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Hello  Hstupperich ,

Im sorry to hear that you are unable to access your premium features in Creative Studio. To re-set Creative studio please log out of Creative Studio and clear out your cookies and cache. I have provided a link below to help you out. 

If you still have issues accessing the premium features, please create a support ticket here: 

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To clarify, the screen won't actually look that different when you upgrade. Basically you will now have access to the all the features that were previously hidden behind an upgrade message.

To give a better idea, your Premium membership grants you the following:

If you're not seeing access to these features. you may need to sign out of the CreativeStudio and clear your web browser cache. When you sign back in it will help to reset those permissions.

I am having the same issue. When upgrading you are supposed to be able to stretch individual sides on images. It is the only reason that I upgraded to be honest. What can I do?

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You can break the aspect ratio without upgrading... there is a check box on the right side after selecting an object and you want to "uncheck" it.  Then using the corner you can drag it one way or the other to resize without it forcing you to keep the original scale.

I dont have the "MORE" button where the Upgrade was after i switched accounts...  

The "more" option has been removed from Creative Studio

I tried upgrading as well so I can create my own blank canvas and it still says upgrade. I cannot change the aspect ration of anything because there is no checkbox to do so.  I went through all the blank canvases and nothing in there that is custom so it's either not there or hidden to the point of frustration.  

Hello  Jenny, please ensure that the Sawgrass Print Manager is running and that you are logged in using the same account.  The user id and password have to be the same for Sawgrass Print Manager and Creative Studio. The create custom canvas is no longer an option. We do have custom canvases to choose from in the blank products section. The lock aspect ratio option is available In creative studio, select your image first then you can adjust the width and the height of the image by un-checking the Lock aspect Ratio.

i up graded to premium membership but nothing changed no up grade. how do i excessmy up grade

Datseyc you should be able to access all designs, share to social media, connect to popular image site like pixabay and you should be able to upload fonts. If you are unable to access the premium benefits, please log out of Creative Studio, clear your cookies and cache and log back in. If you get the *upgrade to premium message, please let me know. 

The help team have not fixed my creative studios design access to the premium designs, I placed a ticket in July. I was told multiple times that it was escalated several time, and it’s still not working.

Hi  Jeanette Brown, I checked on he previous ticket and the Technical Support Agent has reached out to you. Please check your email.

I upgraded and then decided to cancel after not seeing the cost benefit for my business. I was paid out through my annual membership, but now I no longer have access eventhough I paid for an entire year. How to I get access to the stuff I paid for?

Taylorlynncrafts I have created ticket  105270 to resolve your issue.

After clearing cookies cache i logged back in and still have old version of creative studio