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Unable to print

Hello! After being ilde for months I found out that Creative studio has new update. I tired the new version and I was totally lost. I was so frustrated that I have to learn it again. I have the old version of MAC (high-sierra). The most frustrating thing for me is I COULD NOT MAKE IT TO PRINT! It always goes to queue! I tried everything and asked from group pages but no good help came up. I even read in forums here and tried to do some advices but nothing is still happening. I NEED HELP BEFORE I GET DEPRESSED from this. 

Gladzcreations , when you hit print, check to make sure the SPM dialogue box is not hidden behind other pages. Also, can you tell me if you see the printer in the drop down menu when you try to print from Creative Studio?

hey im from belgium , samen here my printer doesnt connect my laptop anymore for some reason!! I cant print ... i would like to install again but i dont find the installation guides here for a SG800.

Pff printer is offline.... i cant get hem to start!

Retromantique What is your operating system? (Mac or WIN)? 

windows... in the meantime i found how to install my SG800 again on the website but he still is offline...

WHy can I not print? When I try to reinstall the software, it says can't open because apple can't check for malicious software. I have the SG1000 printer

Ddburn12, When downloading and installing Sawgrass Print Manager on MacOS 10.15, you may run into an issue where the installer will return an error regarding inability to check for malicious software. Please see the following article that has the steps on how to bypass the error 

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